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8 Good Reasons to Drink Smoothies


The smoothie is a true symbol of a balanced diet. This drink made from fruits and vegetables with a creamy texture has become very popular with fitgirls looking for a healthy diet. But do you really know the benefits of smoothies? Why are they considered good for your health? Explanations from your favorite dietitian!

What are the benefits of smoothies?

     1. Enjoying the benefits of fruit

Smoothies make it easier to eat fruit, which has many benefits. A 200 ml glass of smoothie contains on average 1 to 2 servings of fruit, which is one third to half of the 5 fruits and vegetables recommended by health institutions.

        2. Get you to eat vegetables

For people who are not vegetable lovers, smoothies are also a great way to eat vegetables. In fact, certain vegetables lend themselves well to smoothies, such as cucumbers, avocados, kale, spinach or even broccoli for the more daring!

        3. Fill up on fiber

The high fiber content of smoothies is another asset for smoothie lovers. A homemade smoothie can contain up to 5 grams of fibre, or a quarter of the recommended daily amount. Remember that fibre helps prevent constipation and reduces the risk of developing intestinal diseases or colon cancer. However, we tend to lack fiber in our diet.

Note: Juice or smoothie? Prefer the smoothie! Unlike a smoothie, fruit (or vegetable) juice contains little or no fibre. Fiber is separated from the juice when it is squeezed.

        4. An excellent source of vitamin C

Thanks to smoothies, it is possible to fill up on vitamin C. This anti-fatigue vitamin is mostly found in fruits and vegetables and is even more present when the food is raw - which is the case for the food used to prepare smoothies.

        5. Smoothies, a bomb of antioxidants

Another advantage of smoothies is that they are a great source of antioxidants. Antioxidants play an essential role in the prevention of certain diseases. Eating smoothies helps to stimulate our body, summer and winter.

        6. An idea for a light snack

Feeling hungry? Smoothies are an excellent snack idea to boost your energy and keep you going until your next meal while filling up on good things. Plus, they're a great refreshing drink in the summertime.

        7. Use damaged fruits/vegetables

Another advantage, but not the least, is that making smoothies allows you to use damaged or very ripe fruits and vegetables, thus limiting food waste.

My little advice: An overripe banana? Do not hesitate to make a smoothie with it! This last one will allow to bring a sweet taste to the smoothie without adding sugar.

        8. Let your imagination run wild

Last advantage of smoothies: you can concoct hundreds of different recipes! You can let your imagination run wild, especially by playing with fruit and vegetable combinations. For inspiration, don't hesitate to consult sites like Pinterest or Instagram, which are real sources of inspiration for finding recipes!

My little tip: Don't hesitate to vary the fruits and vegetables used in your smoothies according to the seasons. To check out the fruits and vegetables in season for the current month, I invite you to discover the "Fruits and vegetables in season" category.


You will have understood: smoothies are a fast and delicious way to consume fruits and vegetables daily while enjoying their benefits. However, don't forget that they can quickly become caloric - especially if they contain a lot of fruit or added sugar. My advice: Choose them without added sugar (fruit will naturally give you its sweet flavors) and limit yourself to 150-200 grams of fruit per smoothie.

Another final tip: Avoid industrial smoothies and favor homemade smoothies as much as possible. They are made instantly and have the advantage of being fresh, richer in nutrients and tastier. In short, nothing beats a homemade smoothie!

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